Charging the Battery

Instructions For using and charging the CaddyTrek battery and handset.

The Caddytrek uses a Lithium battery to power the motors and sensors. The battery should be fully charged before using your Caddytrek.

Check the battery charge level

Check the battery charge level by pressing the Red Button on top of the battery (see photo). Three green lights showing on the battery level indicator means fully charged. Two green lights on indicator means 50-75% charged and we recommend charging before use. One single green light on indicator means less than 50% charged and necessary to charge before use.

Lithium Ion 4.2V battery

The handset battery is a Lithium Ion 4.2V battery which will remain charged for up to 30 hours. The handset battery takes 2 hours to fully charge. The handset comes with a charger as well which can be plugged into any residential electrical outlet.