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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional batteries, handsets and other parts and components are available on our website. Click the ‘Shop’ link at the top of the page to view our product catalog.

We have a select number of accessories for the CaddyTrek. Click the ‘Shop’ link at the top of the page to view our product catalog.

The CaddyTrek can easily be transported in your vehicle and checked as baggage with the exception of the battery. Lithium batteries of the size used by the CaddyTrek are restricted on most commercial flights. Check with your carrier for specific instructions and restrictions.

A players unit can be paired to the handset using a unique signal ID.  See the “Grouping Mode” instructional document under Support for instructions on how to enable grouping.

The Caddytrek typically follows within six paces of the golfer, but it takes some trial and error to recognize terrain, obstacles and how to move with the unit to get the most out of the experience. If a golfer wants to move quickly, the CaddyTrek can move faster in remote control mode by pressing the forward toggle arrow on the handset.

The handle bar does not need to be up while using in Follow Mode or Remote Control Mode. You will need it in the up position to manually push or pull your Caddytrek.

The CaddyTrek can be used for 27 to 36 holes depending on the golfer and the course being played. We recommend that you charge the battery after your round of golf to always ensure it may be used for maximum play.

The CaddyTrek is designed on a proprietary robotic system using advanced sensing and motion control technology. Sensors on the CaddyTrek pick up the signals from the remote handset carried by the golfer, calculating distance and angle.

The battery is enclosed in a limited waterproof housing unit to eliminate exposure to rain or any outdoor elements. The rear wheel motors are also sealed to prevent exposure to rain and other outdoor elements. The handset can withstand limited exposure to moisture or rain. But it is not recommended to allow continued exposure to heavy rains or moisture as this can eventually damage the electronic components.

The Caddytrek weighs 39 lbs with the battery in the unit. The battery itself weighs 6 lbs.

You may first want to contact the agent or retailer where you purchased your unit. You may always contact our service office located in Las Vegas, NV.

For starters, it is always important to keep the CaddyTrek under user control. Tracking modes, including Follow and Marching are designed primarily for wide-open spaces like the fairway. When encountering rough terrain or unpredictable environments such as a parking lot, try using Remote Mode or set the motors to neutral and push the cart around obstructions.

The CaddyTrek’s battery takes 4-5 hours to restore a full charge.

The battery can be charged inside the unit with the provided battery charger (included with purchase).  For users on the go, the battery can be removed from the unit and charged at home or in the club house.  Battery charger uses a regular 110V household outlet.